Social Activities

  Social Activities

Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath Hrinkar Gaushala: The local institution is always ahead in the Jivdaya activities and the services towards Cows. Since last several years the tirth committee is conducting the gaushala with modern facilities. There are more than 250 cows that are kept here. There is a beautiful garden in the gaushala area, also a bird food picking place has been constructed where food and water is being provided every morning and evening.

Considering the severe situation of drought, the government has sent so many of cattles from small and incompetent gaushalas to us which are being protected here with due care. A veterinary dispensary also has been established for the treatment of disabled animals.

In the Social Service field :

1) Medical Camp: Eye camp, disabled / handicapped camp, Epilepsy cure camps are being organized regularly by the tirth pedhi & also in the last year we had also organized camps for curing mental diseases and for the victims of polio, where large number of patients had been benefited.

2) Primary Education: The tirth pedhi is conducting Shri Nageshwar Adarsh Higher Primary School and Shri Abhaysagar Jain Pathshala for religious teachings. Also there is a grand knowledge bank and a library with thousands of books.

3) Medical Assistance: Right from the very day of the establishment of the tirth pedhi it is providing financial assistance to the disabled and weak persons residing in the nearby areas. Thousands of persons have been benefited by this assistance till today.

4) In case of Major Operations: Apart from the general assistance provided to the patients in certain critical situations the tirth pedhi is playing important role in refering them to high end bigger hospitals. There is a list of hundreds of patients who have been referred to the metro cities of Indore, Baroda and Ahmedabad etc. in case of serious diseases and major operations.

5) Scholorships: The tirth pedhi is providing scholarships for course-books and other learning materials to the studious deserving students. To encourage the talented students financial assistance is also provided to them along with regular scholarships for continuing higher studies.

6) Contributions to other institutions/ashrams: The tirth pedhi is donating considerable financial assistance to various service institutions/ashrams and other socially helpful organizations to enable them to conduct their activities successfully.

7) Renovation of other Jain Temples: The tirth pedhi is providing lakhs of rupees to deteriorated other old Jain Temples for renovation as also for the construction of new temples.

8) Construction of other Social-Service Buildings: The tirth pedhi had provided financial and logistic assistance in the construction of various social service oriented buildings prominently among them are Primary Health Centre at Unhel Nageshwar, Police Station for protection and security, secondary and Higher Secondary School and Ayurved Chikitsa Bhawan which are running successfully. The tirth pedhi is also instrumental in construction of various other buildings carring social service activities such as college building and a 30 bed Hospital at Alot.

9) College: The tirth pedhi has also constructed a college at Vikramgarh Alot

The local institution has achieved several acclamations in the field of social service ventures as also popularizing extensively the religion and religious teachings.

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Bhagwan Parshwanath Janmakalyanak Mahotsav & Attham tap ki araadhnaye is running in Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath Tirth.
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