Dharamshala-Bhojanshala & Other Facilities

There are appropriate arrangements of beautiful flats with necessary amenities at the tirth place. Various types and classes of flats are available for the visiting devotees. Few of the main types are as under

1) Palanpur Yatrik Bhawan: In this four storeyed dharamshala there are 16 Deluxe (double) A.C. rooms flats, where lift facility is also available.

2) Siddhachal Yatrik Bhawan: This dharamshala is having 71 rooms and 4 halls, which have been constructed on the model of America's White House. All the rooms and halls are provided with appropriate facilities.

3) Chintamani Yatrik Bhawan: Having big spacious halls with six rooms (2 A.C. & 4 Non-A.C.). Complete facilities are being provided herein to the devotees coming by special trains.

4) Vimalchal Yatrik Bhawan: Ayambilshala is being provided on the ground floor of this building. On the first floor there are 8 A.C. rooms with appropriate amenities.

5) Nootan Dharamshala: There are 55 single and double (general and deluxe) rooms in the Nootan Dharamshala.

6) Mahimaprabha Dharamshala: 34 rooms and halls are there in this dharamshala where quite a large number of devotees can stay comfortably.

7) Bhojanshala: At the tirth place there is beautiful regular arrangement for simple hygienic, delicious and digestive food. The tirth pedhi is contemplating to modernize the same which is having capacity of accomodating around 700 people at a time.

8) Upashray: A newly made upashray which can accommodate around 3500 people has been recently made.

Other than the above there is bavadi, auditorium, general rooms and halls where the locker facility is also available. The tirth pedhi is committed to provide best of services and facilities to the visiting devotees. The local Trust Mandal is all the times ever-ready on it's foot for the same. At Vikramgarh Alot (10 Kilometers from the tirth) and Chaumahala (16 Kilometers) near to the Railway stations, Dharamshalas have been constructed with best of facilities and amenities are provided, where the devotees may stay comfortably.

It is always taken into consideration that proper and appropriate arrangements are provided to each and every visiting devotee at the tirth place. In the Dharamshala, proper light, water, electricity connection along with 24 hour hot-cold water availability has been provided. The magnificent development of this tirth place could be possible due to the miraculous effect of Lord Shri Parshwanath and the generous munificence attitude and contributions of Dharamnistha Jain Bandhus.

In a gist, we have in all around 225 rooms & 12 halls which can accommodate around 1500 people. At special occasions & during functions when there are lots of people coming from differents parts of the country & world, we alos have facilities of Tents.

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Bhagwan Parshwanath Janmakalyanak Mahotsav & Attham tap ki araadhnaye is running in Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath Tirth.
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