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This is the place of unworldly happenings after the devotion. These unique happenings are known as miracles, which is a mixture of fear, astonishment and faith. Many stories of such miracles are also related with this tirth, some of them are as under: Started Dancing: In the month of Shravan it was a Krishnasthmi day in the Vikram Samvat of 2026. A black cobra had bit the son of a drum beater (dholi) of the Unhel village. The boy fainted due to the poisonous effect and appeared proceeding to meet the death. Throughout there were lamentations, Mantra-Tantra and Jhad-Phook, every try was proved to be useless. The family members of the victim remained distressed and hopeless. On some one's suggestions the boy was being taken at the Nag Temple of nearly 'Sedara' village but the 'Dev' (the power which enters into someone's human body and shows its influence) ordered them to take the boy into the shelter of the Lord Nageshwar Parshwanath at Unhel it self. All the gathered people playing dhol, manjire and kartal and singing bhajans brought the effected boy to a tirth place. The boy stood up within some time stretching his body and twisting the limbs, as if he was just awaken from a deep sleep. And after this he started dancing with the tunes of the kirtans.

Two and half feet long: On the very night of the above incident at about 01.30am a boy named Bhera started creating disturbances and nuisances in the bhajan's programme. Due to loud shouting and nonsense utterances his throat started drying and at last he has to go out for drinking water. After drinking water when he was returning to continue his nuisance he found a cobra at the gate hissing in anger. It appeared that the Cobra king had arrived to punish him for his crime. He prayed to the cobra to forgive him but the cobra did not move from there. The participants of the kirtan then came out and prayed for the life of Bhera. Only then the Nagraj gave him the passage to enter into the Temple. After reaching inside Bhera devotedly prayed to the Lord and vowed not to repeat such disturbances in future. Next morning the other day the sweeper found a white slough (cast skin) near the feet of the Lord, which was some two and half feet long.

Being Heard: During the Shravan month of Vikram Samvant 2026, when the Muniraj was in deep devotion of Atmakalyan-Sadhana a Dev told: "Muniraj you go to any such tirth place of Lord Shri Parshwanath and continue your Sadhana there-where there is all around greenery, rivers are flowing, there are bavadis, gardens, water-pool, water falls and where there is action-oriented green colored standing grand statue of Lord Shri Parshwanath, at such place. you will succeed very early in your sadhana".

Next morning after getting up, Muniraj started inquiring about such tirth place. After being informed about Lord Shri 'Nageshwar Parshwanath', he wrote a letter to the tirth pedhi and obtained further detailed information. After finding all those symptoms, which the 'Dev' has described in the dream are virtually existing there at this tirth place, there was no limit of joy for him. Definitely he will be reaching soon to the tirth place and shall succeed in his Sadhana !

Due to there righteous-values the fortunate even get the advance information about the tirth in their dreams.

Come with Me: A group of eighty devotees reached to Nageshwar 'Parshwanath' from Ratlam on 15-9-1970, while returning some 60 persons proceeded towards Thuriya station which is just two miles away. Mathura-Baroda local is available at 08.00pm for going to Ratlam from Thuriya. The manager of the tirth accompanied the group upto the bank of the river Kshipra. Busy in discussions the group strayed from the path. The devotees were afraid and also disappointed because being late they may not be able to catch the train. Being scared they all started praying Lord Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath collectively. At this time some villager coming from the narrow valley side of the river approached them and asked the devotees - "You wants to go to Ratlam by train, come with me. The train is late by one and a quarter hour today." Charmed with incantation they followed the new comer and reached to the railway station within some ten minutes. The train was actually late by one and a quarter hour. The guide left. Devotees reached to their homes safely. Due to over joy the devotees forget to thank the guide and to ask his name. After they wrote a letter to the tirth pedhi narrating the entire episode.

Name in the Dream: When a big wealthy industrialist was sleeping deeply, he heard the name of Lord Nageshwar Parshwanath in dream, suddenly he got awaked and started think where is this tirth. How to reach there ? Till morning he continued thinking about it. After surfing so many jain newspapers and magazines he got detailed information about this tirth in a magazine named 'Sughosha'. Straightway he reached to Indore by aero plane and proceeded towards the tirth by boarding a car from Suvasara-Mandi. The road was unmettaled. The car was entangled in bog of the river on the way and could not proceed further. Disappointed the wealthy man returned to Suvasara-Mandi walking and passed night at a guest house there. Remembering continuously the Prabhu he proceeded again towards the tirth. Due to lord's blessings and kindness all the time and resources turned favorable and at about 09.30am he reached at the lord's feet and obtained the benefit of the Darshan. He spent the whole day delightfully rendering bhakti and pooja of the lord. By leaving his mind at the feet of the lord in the evening the wealthy man returned to his city, resolving to serve the lord throughout out his life.

This episode is of December 1970 not very old. To listen the name of the tirth in the dream, to keep it remembered and finally get the dream turned into a reality is actually very astonishing and wonderful.

Door was knocked: One day when the entire village of Unhel was in deep sleep and the darkness of the night was dreadful, all of a sudden the doors of the tirth started knocking. Being suspicious the muneem and watchman of the tirth inquired with a visitor, Who is he? What his name? etc. Greeting Lord Nageshwar Parshwanath with Jai-Dhwani the visitor identified himself as the Station Master of the nearby Thuriya Railway Station who being inspired by some unknown power had come with his family for the Darshan of the Lord. The door was opened. After Darshan and praying the lord the Station Master vowed that now onwards he will provide the best of facilities to the devotees, all the time. The Station Master now has been transferred. The new one, who has been appointed in his place is also deeply impressed by the glory of the Lord. He too had visited the tirth place so many times with family and friends. He had planned a beautiful scheme for the betterment of the road reaching to Unhel from Thuriya, so that the devotees may reach the tirth place conveniently. The service-oriented residents of Thuriya village always accompany the devotees, guiding there in reaching the tirth place. This all is the effect of the Lord's devotion.

The Labourer Devotee: A poor, childless labourer couple of Jodhpur heard from some one that so many people have been blessed with child, just by visiting the Lord Nageshwar Parshwanath tirth. This poor labourer and his wife proceeded towards the tirth place from Jodhpur doing odd jobs on the way. Ultimately they reached at Unhel. After devotionally having the Darshan of the lord they returned back. Within a year they were blessed with a son. The labourer being emotionally sentimental resolved that he will not have food till he again go to Unhel to offer his gratitude at the feet of the lord, he again reached Unhel from Jodhpur. Due to the delivery of the child his wife remained at home. The labourer took meals after having the darshan of the lord, such true poor labourer devotees are really blessed one.

Strange Dream: The proprietor of one of the firms of Indore - Daumal Hastimal and main Trustee of Shri Arbudgiriraj Tapagachchha upashraya, Shri Balubhai who were escorting oli observer Bhakta's to some temple place every year, one night had the darshan of Lord Nageshwar Parshwanath in dreams. Next day he put forward the proposal before the observers of chaitri-oli of Vikram Samvant 2026 to visit this temple, but the journey could not be commenced being inconvenient to some of them. Seth conducted the Upadhana Tap and wore mokshamala at Sabarmati in Ahmedabad. On sixth day night of Margshirsha Krishna of Vikram Samvant 2027, he had a dream that he is sitting in a car and is proceeding towards the journey of Lord Parshwanath. Due to failure of the engine of the car, in which he was sitting stopped on the way in dense forest. He started remembering and praying the lord. Suddenly a blue colored divine person appeared before him and asked him to close eyes, while closing the eyes seth started praying the Lord. When he opened his eyes, he found himself along with the car in the premises of the tirth place. After reaching before the feet of his revered lord he started observing Pranipaat. At this time he got awoke. On the last day of Paush Krishna in the Vikram Samvat 2027, he along with some one Hundred and fifty devotees reached to the tirth Place and participated in the Janm Kalyanak Mahotsava of the lord there at. During the various functions he felt himself obliged by appearing Bolis (bets) and motivated his friends in offering considerable amount towards the development activities of the tirth place.

Dry Hairs of the Girl: On fourteenth day of Vaishakh Krishna Chaturdashi of Vikram Samvant 2027, some 800 devotees of Piplon Shri Sangha visited the tirth, under the guidance of respected Manoharshriji Maharaj Saheb's disciple Sadhvi, Shri Indu Shriji Maharaj Aadi Thane 15. After participating in Poojan-Darshan Bhakti and Swami Vatsalya programmes etc., they were just moving here and there, suddenly the only daughter of Agar resident Shri Vardichandji fell into the well by slipping her feet. There was total uproar. People started praying the lord. The girl was rescued safely from the well. The persons who jumped into the well to save the girl were completely damped, but surprisingly the girl's body above the neck was fully remained dry. Being astonished with the miracle every one who were present there started chanting Jaighosh of the Lord Parshwanath.

Unfortunate Priest: This is an incident of some thirty-forty years ago, when the management of tirth was not in the hands of Jain Community. A priest of this tirth fell into the habit of consuming liquor, one day when fully drunk he was entering the temple, a snake bite him. Instantly he fell unconscious. People started praying the lord. Due to the divine grace of the sitting Dev the poison of the Snake's bite descended and after obtaining consciousness he vowed not to drink in future.

Breaking the pledge he again started drinking and fully drunk entered the temple. Under the toxic effect he started creating nuisances, A snake bit him once again. Due to prayers of his family members he got the gift of life again. He recovered and repeated vows not to drink again. But the resolution of the drunkard are never permanent, Third time one day he created ruckus situations being drunk, Surprisingly this time again the snake bite him but his life could not be saved. He could not obtain forgiveness for his crimes and he died.

Effect of the Tirth: Somebody in dream on 15-10-1970 told to Shri Shantilalji Surana, the convener of 'Special Tirth Yatra Bus' to arrange pilgrimage tour of Nageshwar Pashwanath this year. The very next day he received a letter from shri Ganivarya shri Abhay sagar Maharaj (the renovator of this tirth place) Saheb's disciple revered Upadhyay Shri Dharam Sagarji Maharaj intimating that this year Paush Dashmi's festival is being organized at Nageshvar Parshwanath and he should come here with the special pilgrimage bus on the occasion. After the announcement very soon the bus was being booked fully. When the bus was just to start some one approached and warn the devotees not to proceed for the tirth via alot route, else the bus will entrapped in the way. On enquiry it was confirmed that the way was actually not good and roadable. A car is already entrapped there and the occupant devotees have to complete their journey by Tonga, Bullock-cart and even on feet at about 01.30am in the night. The bus carrying some 130 devotees left Indore. It was early morning time of the dawn, suddenly the bus stopped before some 2-3 miles away from the tirth place, the condition of the road was in very bad shape, the passengers have to reach the tirth place by walking on feet and carry accompanied belongings over their heads. It was most surprising that when they reached the tirth after some time their bus and previously trapped car also reached there.

The devotees had darshan, offered puja, attended the lectures and enjoyed. performance of the drama, ''Meruparvat par Dig-Kumariyon ka Janmabhishek'' played by the students of Indore's Sangeet Shala. Afterwards they boarded for return. Everyone was suspicious that bus may not entrapped again but having trust into Lord Shri Nageshvar Parshwanath they proceeded further what a wonderful effect of this Punya-Bhoomi that their bus crossed the entire 15 miles distance smoothly, as if it is plying on a concreted tar road.

In return when they reached Ujjain the devotees wanted to visit Avanti Parshwanath and the glass temple. The doors of the temple were closed at 90.30pm and it was about 11.30pm, but due to the strong devotional spirit and desire of darshan, they could gain entry and obtained the privilege of darshan at such an odd time, when the devotees reached Indore it was 01.30am on the previous night they started their journey at this very time. The similarity of the beginning and ending time are experienced only by those who are virtued one.

Absence of Greediness: Some 3000 devotees were gathered at the tirth place on Tuesday the 22-12-1970 to participate in the tenth day festival of Paush. The place was fully crowded. By chance Rs.165/- fell somewhere from the pocket of Shri Omkarlalji Choradiya of Indore. It was announced on the public address system. Immediately a young lady came forward and gave the money to Shri Choradiya. This was the effect of the tirth's glory that greediness could not overlap the minds of the devotees.

Cycle Remain Secured: When Shri Chatarmalji of Indore were proceeding for the pilgrimage of Lord Shri Parshwanath, his son placed the cycle on the road near Ameeriya stores in Malharganj unlocked and entered into a shop to purchase some handkerchiefs. After the purchase when they returned from the pilgrimage they remembered about the cycle, they were fully afraid. With doubt in mind they reached the same spot. They found the cycle safe and secured in a city like Indore for such a long time, they bowed their heads devotionally remembering Lord Shri Parshwanath.

Departure of the fever: One Ratanbai told that when she visited the tirth she placed her little son near the lord's feet who was suffering with severe fever, the boy recovered instantly and started murmuring as if his unclear words were expressing gratitude towards the lord.

Test of Sacrifice: Seetabai, the wife of the chief of the tirth, Shri Deepchandji one day in dream saw three one and quarter feet long golden color snakes at the gate, when she had the darshan of the lord, the snakes asked her in human voice: 'time has come fulfill your vows.'' Sita bahen told she had made no vows. got the reply that her husband Deepchandji had made the commitments. She asked her husband who was standing nearby. Seeta bahen then told, he also does not remember of any such commitments, please remind him. Nagraj told that after the successful completion of renovation work of the mandirji you had vowed to sacrifice your small son. The small boy was also seen with them in the dream. The couple offered their son to the Nagraj with pleasure. The serpent bite him and he felt unconscious. Couple felt that their vow had been fulfilled and starled walking. Their son who felt to death, regain life and started following them, just after that Seeta bahen got awaked from the sleep with great astonishment.

(Some non-Jain or immatured minded people or devotees should not consider from the above incident that during the construction of a Jain Temple or for the fulfillment of any desires the creatures are being sacrificed. This is a episode of a dream duly influenced by the effect and impact of the time. It will not be out of place here to mention that for the staunch belief of the religion the followers, such type of great sacrifices are being tested. The old treaties prove this. In non-violence oriented Jain Dharma there is no place for violence or sacrifies.

When Rajmata Narrated her Memories: It was eleventh day of paush Krishna (the day of Parshwanath Prabhu's Diksha Kalyanak) in the year 1988, when Rajmata Smt. Vijayaraje Scindhiya of Gwalior had gone to Agar (a place near to the Nageshwar tirth) to attend her party's related tour. When she saw a picture at the place of one of the Jain fellow, she suddenly got rememberance of some previous experiences. When she was informed that Nageshwar tirth is quite near from here. She cancelled all her programmes and immediately reached to Nageshwar. After having Darshan of the Lord, She narrated her unique miraculous experience related to her previous visit of the tirth place. It is as under, in her own words - "Before some four years when I was going to Mandsaur from Ujjain, some invisible power stopped me at Jaora in proceeding further and my internal inspiration was repeatedly directly me not to go that way, but to go this way. I asked the driver of the car to go towards the Nageshwar direction, although I was not knowing anything about Nageshwar at that time. The driver and other persons asked not to go on this way because onward the road is not concreted one and there comes two rivers in between where there are no bridges to cross them. By going you may be placed in very awkward situation and to face great inconvenience. But some invisible power was repeatedly inspiring me to proceed towards the Nageshwar way. When we reached at Unhel, we came to know that Param Pita Lord Shri Nageshwar is seated here. I felt fully blessed by having Darshan of the grand and unique statue of the Lord."

And suddenly I thought that lord sitting here had pushed me to visit the place. When other devotees heard Rajmata's experiences they all were astonished.

Diamonds in the Letter Box: When one famous Jeweler of Mumbai opened his office in the morning, he found the box containing diamonds worth Lakhs of rupees missing. In spite of searching whole the day he could not find them. After being disappointed from all the sides he started remembering Lord Nageshwar and vowed that he will have his food only by going to Nageshwar after finding the diamonds. Lord listened to his prayers. When in the next day's morning he opened the letter-box placed out side his office, he found the diamond box in it. Narrating the name of the Lord his head was bowed faithfully in loyalty. Immediately he reached to Nageshwar and broke the fast after the Darshan and Poojan of the Lord. God do listens to the prayers of their devotees. The Jeweler than offered a diamond studded crown at the feet of the Lord.

The Blue Coloured Flame: The member's of the Banglore based Shree Sangh reached to Nageshwar tirth by two buses in the Year 1983. Whole day they offered Pooja-Bhakti and Parshwanath Panch Kalyanak Pooja was organized in the after-noon.

At about 8.00 p.m.all the devotees and other persons male and female who were present there devotedly taking part in the musical prayers. Suddenly they found that the flames of the lamp kept at both the sides of the lord's statue was turned into of blue color, which was quite similar to the colour of Lord's statue. All of them who were present had witnessed this scene. They started looking the blue colored flame unblinkingly for about half an hour and kept chanting greeting of the victory of the lord with Jai Ghosh. This has been said truely that Lord remains present all the time, when he is prayed devotionally.

Cure of incurable Disease: Sadhvi Mudita Shriji was suffering with various incurable diseases, since last so many years. In the Year 1990 she reached to Nageshwar along with Dheryata Shriji Maharaj for the chaturmas. She abandoned all types of treatment and sat in the Jaap Bhakti of the Lord Parshwanath. Whenever she used to sit in the chanting of the Jaap, she felt a new type of energy flowing in her self. Within a few days all her ailment were disappeared. She recovered fully and got engaged herself into devotional sadhna. The ailments which could not be cured by all and every type of medicines and treatment all such incurable diseases were cured just by continuous chanting of Jaap. Such type of miracles were also felt by so many other people, whose ailments and griefs were duly cured by chanting the Jaap and remembering the Lord. The faith in the super power do fulfils the desired results.

The Visit of the Nagraj: The sitting Dev Nagraj do visits every now and then the tirth premises, but this episode is really miraculous and extra ordinary. In the Shrawan month of Vikram Samvant 2045 so many of the Tapsyas are being observed in the Nageshwar tirth village. A felicitation function was being organized in the pandal outside the Temple building for the male and female Tapasvees Jains and non-Jains all were present there in hundred of numbers. The atmosphere there was quite noisey. Inspite of so much crowed and noise, the sitting Nag Dev reached at the Pandal crossing the crowd and remained there forming its body into a coil. All those who were present along with the tapasvees devotionally prayed the Dev and started chanting his victory. All of them remained silent. The felicitation programme remain continued for about 45 minutes, till then the Nag Dev remained present sitting in the coil pose. No sooner the felicitation programme was over he left and soon disappeared. Perhaps he came simply to endorse the felicitation programme of the devotees.

Life got the Light: How a casual remembrance of the Lord Nageshwar avoided a tragedy this was being narrated by Shri Arvind Moolchand of Pomava, who presently is residing at Bombay. He told that one day when his son Gunvant was playing at the third floor premises of their Pavapuri building in the Byculla area, Suddenly the boy lost balance and fell on the ground from the third floor. The child's father who was standing nearby started shivering with fear but soon started remembering and praying Lord Nageshwar. When he looked downside, he saw the boy smiling and cleaning the dust from his cloths, as if nothing has happened. Fully filled with emotions he bowed for the Lord and immediately reached to Nageshwar for darshan and then he offered donations for charity purposes.

Showers of Saffron: At Nageshwar on the new year's day to the Deepavali various functions are being organized, between chanting to mantras eighteen Abhishek Mahapooja and various other poojas were conducted and after vilepan the Nav angee pooja is also being offered. On this occasion thousands of devotees who had come from different places of India had witnessed the great-grand miracles of the wakeful supervisory Dev of the tirth place. They saw saffron-shower-spots at the temple premises and outside the office area here and there for continuous three days. At this memorable and unprecedented happening Shri Deepchand Jain, the secretary of the tirth place told that rarely such miracles happened. It happened when the supervisory Dev is pleased with the devotional functions in the Lord's prayer they enhance the glory of the place by showering the saffron.

Various Miracles: Shri Shantilalji Surana of Indore one day proceeded for the Nageshwar tirth for the second time to obtain more historical facts and information related to this place. On the way he thought of leaving the train at Thuriya instead of Chaumahala thinking that being late he may not get the bus form there for the tirth place. When he got down at Thuriya station, he was surprised to know that some one had given pre-intimation of his arrival. He met there 15 members of the Ujjain Sangh, who were already known to him and as such the entire atmosphere became favorable and full with pleasure.

He continued talking and chatting with the station master till 02.00am and after that when Shri Shantilalji went to sleep, in dream, he had discussions with a person wearing blue colored cloths who told many facts about that tirth in dream. When he asked his name the person after smiling suddenly disappeared. He got awaked with the sudden disappearance of the person. Next morning when he reached to the tirth, Before the statue of Lord Nageshwar he saw one and a quarter hand sized brown colored serpent. It is said that only the fortunate are being blessed with such a phenomenon.

He collected so many historical facts about the tirth and when he was about to leave the place, the 72 years old ex-sarpanch of the village Shri Ratanlal Joshi told him that before so many years three burning forces were occasionally being seen in the fields of the farmers. Sometime some invisible power was being felt crossing the roads, whose foot-steps were clearly audible. When some epidemic is being spread in the nearby area, a person wearing white cloths used to take rounds of the village ridding a horse and due to that this village never faced the fury of any epidemic.

There is a small well, nearby the temple premises, which was known by the name of Ghee ki Bavadi. The water of this well is clean and good for health and is available just five feet deep the ground level. It is so said that eyes of so many persons were corrected and they could gain visibility using this water. So many lepers were being freed from leprosy by the use of this water. Previously this water was also being used as ghee. Centuries back the Uninterrupted flame of the lamps placed before the statue of Lord's feet was kept burning by the water of this well. Whenever the devotees felt shortage of ghee, they used to fill their buckets with this water. The pilgrims were also using the water of this well as ghee for swami-vatsalya. On the occasion of Deepmalika and various other functions the lamps were kept burning by the use of this water. Although today these things may appeared to humorous but in the present time in the morning one can see inside the well some greasy substance floating over the water. probably this substance should have been like ghee in the previous time.

Once a pair of anchor made of silver was seen floating over the water of this Ghee ki Bavadi. when the police took it's possession it was turned into zinc. Even sometimes today also vessel and other things are seen floating and then disappearing after some time.

Considering cleanliness and purity of the water, the village panchayat had closed the entrance of the well, since last so many years.

Dearth of a child, diseases, snake bite and troubles of epidemics are being removed by taking a journey of this pilgrim and darshan of Lord Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath. Various eye related diseases are being cured just by blinklessly seeing the green colored status of the Lord.

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