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Importance of the Idol of Lord Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath are mentioned below:

1) The idol is green in color.

2) The idol of the lord is in Kausag position.

3) The idol is around 2850 years old.

4) The idol was originally made of Markat Mani, now made of Granite Sandistone.

5) The height of the idol is around 13 feet.

6) The idol has 7 faces of snake spread over it's head which looks like a shelter.

7) Near the Lord's idol there are also other idols of Lord Shri Shantinath Swami & Lord Shri Mahavir Swami in Kausag position.

8) On the wall, behind the 7 faces of the snake that is spread over the idol's head as a shelter, is a hole which houses a snake, The snake is rarely seen coming out from it's hole. A lucky person can only have a glimpse of it. It is either seen in black or white color.

9) Such a great idol with all it's glory cannot be found anywhere else in India.

About the Temple
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