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The world famous ancient tirth of 23rd Tirthankar of Lord Shri Parshwanath is popular by the name of Nageshwar Parshwanath, and is situated at the junction line of border of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan State. This tirth is situated some Fourteen Kilo meters away from Chomahala station in the Gangdhar Tehsil of Jhalawar district of south Rajasthan and eight Kilo meters away from Vikramgarh-Alot Station of Madhya Pradesh. The Unworldly miraculous most effective statue which was crafted by Dharnendra himself during the Lord's life time and which is blue colored fourteen feet high has been installed there at like the ancient and miraculous statue, similarly its history is also linked with series of miraculous happenings. Before some tow thousand and nine hundred years from now, when Parshwakumar after renouncing the world and after obtaining Diksha, while roaming here and there reached the Koustubh forest area of Varanasi and there went into deep meditation in action oriented pose, during the same period Dharnendra Dev reached there and started sheltering him with hoods as of a cobra snake while praying devotionally his benevolent Lord for continuous three days. After completion of the meditation when Lord moved some were else, Dharnendra Dev crafted the life size statue of Lord with snake's hood out of Emerald Markat mani and installed it at the same place where Lord meditated, After the destruction of Ahichchhatra township the revered angels brought this statue to Unhel village at it's present site. This transfer of place occured centuries back. The King Ajeetsen and Queen Padmavati of Unhel built a huge Jain Temple and installed the statue there in. Time passes away and destruction and construction activities remain continued, During the Mughal period this temple was robbed several times. But in the vikram samvat 1264 Jainacharya of the Nagendra gachchha, Shri Abhay Devsuri got it renoveted. At that time some 500 families of Jain community were residing thereat but afterwards all of them left the village one after another and then the Temple again ruined. By chance respected upadhyay Shri Dharmsagarji Maharaj along with his disciple yoga practitioner Shri Abhaysagarji Maharaj visited this place. Respected gurudev mediated uniquely Navkar Mantra and researched this History of this tirth and planned scheme for renovation of the tirth place and gave it's responsibility of this gigantic task of renovation to Unhel Nageshwar's resident Shri Deepchand Jain, Due to the blessings of the gurudev and the presiding deity with ceaseless efforts of seth Shri Deepchand Jain while fighting a number of hindrances and odd situations during renovation of the tirth, the present temple place could be rebuilt, which is famous not only in our country but also in the foreign countries. while having live darshan under lamp lights brightness of this three thousand years old unworldly and miraculous statue, one gets splendid pleasure. The statue which appears like market mani suddenly attracts attention of each and every visiting devotees who come in lakhs in number and obtain their desires fulfilled.

About the Temple
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