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Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of this tirth place is a point of attraction for the pilgrims. Although the real joy of this place can be felt and obtained by personal visit. However we feel it necessary to provide some vital information of the grandeur scenery of the area.

This tirth is situated above one thousand feet above the sea level and due to this the climate here is humid and thus the semi cold-hotness of the area is good for health.

The average rainfall here is 40 to 50 inches. The land is fertile and the water is quite normal. On the land around the temple at 5 to 6 feet the water starts appearing.

All around there are wells and Bavadis and at some distance to the temple area there is a grand beautiful water pool which is enhancing the grandeurness of the area.

During summer this place remains cool and pleasant, throughout the year there is greenery. The breeze passing through trees and bushes always provides coolness which proves the reality of this Tapovan.

On the eastern direction of the tirth some two miles away the Kali Sindh river is flowing and towards western direction some 1 mile away the great poet Kalidas's favorite Kshipra river alongwith its subsidiary Karya is flowing like singing and dancing. Between both the rivers centre there is hilly area.

At the tirth's premises sometimes peacocks starts dancing, as if they are showing the gratitude towards the Lord and thus entertaining the viewers.

The incomparable natural beauty of the tirth gives eternal peace to the mind and soul. Change of the climate proves useful for the health. Provider of complete salvation to meditation and health as well to mind and body this sacred tirth is a must see and visit place.

About the Temple
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