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The Beginning of Tirth : The life size statue of esteemed Lord Shri Parshwanath, the 23rd tirthankar of the Jain religion has been installed here. To prove its ancientness a few of the facts are as under:

In the olden times the statues made out of precious and semi-precious stones were mostly preferred than the ordinary stone statues, according to the sayings this statue was also made of Markat Mani.

The original life size statue (measuring nine hands length) of the same color, shape, pleasant facial expressions and action oriented pose, can be crafted only by some one who had personally seen the Lord.

In spite of dreadful and torrential rain Dharnendra Dev continued Lord's devotional bhakti for almost three days, in it's memory the Lord's statue was crafted. The example of which has been described in Shri Parshwanath Charitra, Parshwanath Panch-Kalyanak Pujan and various other treatise related to Jain Religion.

After Diksha the roaming area to the Lord remained in and around the surroundings of Varanasi. Related to the same are Ahichhatra tirths where perhaps Meghamali continued it's upasarga towards the Lord and Dharnendra Dev Crafted Lord's Statue. After a long time the same was brought perhaps by the angels at it's present site of Unhel.

In the second century old jain Stupas situated around the stony Hillocks near Mathura's stone inscription there are represences about some eleven Hundred years old jain building's and statues, wherein there are deiscriptions of statues installed by angels and among them there is also a represence of a life size statue made of Market Mani. Perhaps this statue of Lord Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath may be the same one.

There is a reference in the old treaties about creations of statues of the great saint by persons during their life time and hence this may not be improbable or surprising.

The sacred special light marks on pedestal of the statue also proves this and the experts of statues have also endorsed there facts.

Considering the above points and the history of Shri Nageshwar tirth, without any hesitation this can be inferred very well that this statue is 3000 years old and that there cannot be two opinions about it.

About the Temple
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